I’ve got to say, my clients are THE BEST! This mom-and-dad-to-be opted for a sunrise maternity session and boy did we soak in every moment of it.

I headed down to the seaport at the crack of dawn to meet up with Caitlin and Tyler. They live nearby so it was a perfect location for the two of them.  Not only because the neighborhood is absolutely gorgeous, but because it adds another level of comfort for them and their new baby to have these pictures taken near their home. Caitlin and Tyler are first-time parents and their glow was simply radiating by the time we headed out, which was great because it was freezing!!  (Did I mention I have the best clients, yet?)

Throughout the session we were able to take some pictures overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge on Pier 17 and also on a stunning picturesque street right across from their apartment. I’ve been coming to the city for years and I honestly believe that this area may be one of my favorites; the neighborhood is quaint and surprisingly calm for the bustling city of New York.

After enduring the windy elements outdoors for the beginning of their session, we all headed to their apartment to capture some more intimate and cozy shots.

And friends, this is where the magic happened.

Caitlin and Tyler are in the midst of preparing for their baby girl and have created a designated area of their apartment for all of her new belongings: outfits, toys, books, blocks, shoes, you name it. Seeing the two of them pull out these items for some photos warmed my heart. The excitement on their faces was so pure as Caitlin reached for yet another tiny outfit, saying, “Oh this! We can take pictures of this, too! And this! How cute is this?”

Truthfully, it can be difficult to find just the right details to capture for these photo sessions, but by this time, Caitlin and Tyler were helping me orchestrate the shots! They even had some personalized items for the baby girl with her name on it – but shh that’s still a little secret of theirs! Caitlin also opted to take some bare-belly shots and mama’s, if you’re ever in doubt of whether to do these or not, take a look below. They’re stunning. They’re breathtaking. They capture such raw, feminine beauty.

Spending the morning with Caitlin and Tyler was such a treat and I am SO excited to see them become parents in just a few short weeks. These two are perfect together and I don’t say that lightly. This baby girl is going to be so welcome, so loved, and so cherished.

Congrats, Cait & Ty!




November 17, 2018

New York Seaport Maternity Session

New York Seaport Maternity Session

November 17, 2018

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