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Holiday Sweater Parties

Part 2

I am a HUGE fan of traditions – whether they’re traditions with family, friends, loved ones, I am always looking forward to them around the holidays! They always put me in a feel-like-a-5-year-old-giddy-with-excitement kind of mood that lasts all month long. With the winter holidays just around the corner, I’ll be sharing some of my own traditions for the month of December.


Holiday sweater parties are a great way to kick off the season of festivities! Plus, they’re a blast to shop for and who can resist glittery snowmen and pom pom ornaments?! Truthfully, I’ve only been to a handful of sweater parties but I look forward to them each year and can’t resist their cuteness! In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing some fun recipes, cute gifting ideas and showing off tons of cute sweaters!


I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a great holiday Sangria. White or red, there’s tons of great recipes to choose from and you can even head over to stores like Home Goods, to find the perfect beverage dispenser.

Check out these amazing recipes by downloading the link below, whether you’re red wine fine or into a scrumptious Cosmo punch, they’re perfect for any get together!

Holiday Punch Recipes


When it comes to gifts, I’m all about fun and heartfelt ideas with out breaking the bank! Last year, I asked that my guests bring a toy to donate for Toys for Tots rather than bring extra food or dessert to the party. This small request ended in a line of toys down my foyer all ready to be shared and celebrated on Christmas Day for the folks at Toys for Tots.

Another cute idea is a mug exchange!! If you’ve gotten to know me, you know I love mugs. Like seriously guys, it may be a problem… my mugs take up an entire cabinet in my kitchen and the collection is ever growing. With that being said, I am always down for a mug exchange amongst friends. Just ask each guest to bring a mug with them and be sure to wrap it! From there, each guest picks a number at random from 1 – however many guests there are. Guest #1 selects a wrapped mug at random first and opens it. Then #2 has the option to steal the first person’s mug or select a new one from the pile! Keep going around your group opening, exchanging, and stealing each other’s mugs until everyone is satisfied in laughter and in caffeine delight. Check out this adorable holiday mug I ended up with yesterday!! Definitely a new fave #merryeverything


Holiday Sweaters: 

Last, and certainly not least, SWEATERS! Check out some of the awesome sweaters from this year’s party below and I’ve also linked some cute ones for you, your family and your friends to check out as well! Take a look here!

 Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!!


Missed part 1? Take a look! Cookie Day

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