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How many photographers do you actually need on your wedding day?

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This question has gotten a lot of buzz in the wedding industry these days and every photographer will have a different opinion. Since starting my company, my own opinion on this topic has changed a great deal. 

But I’ve finally come to the conclusion that personally, I think every wedding could benefit from having two photographers. Which is why I’ve recently adjusted my own wedding packages so that every couple has this same opportunity! 

Here’s some info on my reasoning for this: 

1. Getting Ready and First Looks

As hard as we try, us photog’s can’t be in more than one place at any given time. Annoying, I know!! And on the day of your wedding, you and your partner are typically getting ready in different locations. Which means, we can’t capture those pre-wedding rituals for both of you without an extra set of hands.

Now you may be wondering why it’s so important to capture both you and your partner’s “getting ready” moments. 

But let me paint you a little picture.  

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of assisting another photographer and for this wedding, I was tasked with photographing the groom getting ready. Yes, I was able to artistically capture him putting on his cuff links and was there to make sure his boutonniere was on straight, but I also got to be there when he opened that handwritten card from you. I was able to snap his tearful reaction and pure excitement when he started to read about your forever. 

I also got to prep him before the First Look. In the sweet moments before he turned around to his beautiful bride, I was able to tell him to take a deep breath. I told him to literally forget that I was even standing there because in just a few seconds, he was about to see the woman that would become his wife. 

And those moments are truly once in a lifetime. 

2. Ceremony

Another reason why I LOVE having a second photographer with me on your big day is during the ceremony! While I’m focusing on the two of you, the I Do’s and all the sweet glances you’re sharing, my assistant can capture the reactions from your guests. On your wedding day, you’re surrounded by all of your favorite people, all of your family and friends, and shouldn’t that be cherished and celebrated? 

3. Family Portraits

This is HUGE! I love capturing the hand selected photos of you with your loved ones following the ceremony (and p.s. they make GREAT post-wedding gifts!)  But sometimes I don’t know where Aunt Betty went or if Uncle Joe is in the bathroom. Having another photographer to assist me by making sure everyone is present with you is such an important role. And it means that I’m able to better set up the perfect shot with you and your family so that everyone is accounted for! 

4. The Toasts!

Similar to during the Ceremony, my second photographer can help to capture reactions from your guests during the reception. Toasts, First Dance and Parent Dances are such important moments! Whether your Best Man is making everyone crack up or your MOH has your mama tearing up remembering the days of Play Dates, we want to capture it for you. 

Let’s Recap

To be honest friends, having two photographers with you on your wedding day really comes down to this: Your Love Story.  This is your day. We want to do our best to capture it, holistically, so you can look back on it for years and years to come. 

The shots above are a combination of weddings I’ve lead as well as assisted at! Credit for lead photographers include: Lindsay Lazare Photography and Leyla Cadabal Photography

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