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My Best Advice for Couples Planning Their Wedding Day

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Welcome to my journal where I’ll share stunning weddings of even more beautiful couples, endless travel adventures and sweet anecdotes about living with the love of my life. Pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and stay awhile. 

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FRIENDS! Welcome back to the FDP blog where we chat about all the things weddings, travel and a little bit about the girl behind the lens! Today we’re diving into my best advice for newly engaged couples when planning their wedding day. 

“We’re discouraged,” the bride’s text said. Immediately, my heart went out to her. I took a deep breath and replied back…

“Try to set certain times of the week that you wedding plan. And try to do it together. You can look at things on your own time, absolutely, but I’d try to set certain nights or mornings (maybe once or twice a week) to sit down and talk through all of your thoughts. Rather than haphazardly texting each other throughout the day and then not being able to have a continuous conversation about what’s on your mind. 

So maybe like Monday nights and Thursday nights or whatever schedule works for you – sit down and chat. You can even have a notebook in your purse so that when a thought hits, you remember to chat about it during those designated times. 

If you’re talking wedding planning all the time, this year is going to go even faster than you think! Which isn’t a bad thing, but also, this is the only time you’re going to have a fiancé. Soak that up. Show off your ring every once and awhile. Go out for drinks. Continue to spend quality time with each other outside of wedding planning. Because truthfully – it’ll be those moments that’ll prepare you for marriage

PLUS if you have designated times to plan, it’ll make it even more special. You can gather all this info and then sit down with a glass of wine and your fiancé and get all giddy talking about it – rather than sending one off texts throughout the day and just feeling overwhelmed and unaccomplished by the end.”

My heart breaks when I hear couples struggling to plan their wedding. When I hear words like “discouraged, frustrating, stressful” – it eats at me. Girls, how long did you wait for that hottie of a fiancé of yours to get down on one knee? How long did you dream about finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? How long did you spend staring in those dreamy eyes of his, waiting for the day you get to wake up next to him? 

Don’t overlook that. THIS is exciting! It’s exciting because you’re planning your wedding day, but even more importantly, because you’re getting ready to enter into marriage with your favorite person! Heck yeah, your wedding day is going to be SUCH a spectacular celebration! But it’s also going to kickstart days spent together. It’s the start of a lifetime, side by side. 

I love encouraging couples to designate time for them to plan their big day. It helps to make your tasks manageable and also, creates an special occasion out of planning. Like I shared with the bride above, this is your time to be and have a fiancé. That, in an of itself, is a celebration! 

Tell me! Was this a helpful piece of advice for couples planning their wedding day? If you’re already married, what tools did you find assisted in making the entire process stress free? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Drop a comment below!

If you’re still in the planning phases and need a little help, check out my last blog post, which is an insider scoop on working with Francesca Dominique Photography. 

Advice for Planning Your Wedding Day
Bride Getting Ready On Her Wedding Day
Groom getting ready on his wedding day
Advice for Couples Planning their Wedding Day
Bride and Groom Portrait On Their Wedding Day
Bride and Groom On their Wedding Day

Venue: The Westport Inn

Planner: Events by Ashley Rae

Make Up: Beauty by Daniela

Hair: Swept Away Bridal

Bridal Gown: Plumed Serpent

Dress Designer: Martina Liana Bridal

Florals: Maple Field Floral

Publication: Bride Babe Magazine

Groom’s Suit: The Men’s Warehouse

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