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4 Benefits of Having a First Look

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The great William Shakespeare once said, To have a first look or to not have a first look…Wait, that ain’t right! Corny jokes aside, (I hope I got you to giggle a little), this will always be a question for couples planning their wedding day. In today’s day and age, I find that a lot of couples are so excited for their first look. They’ve come to envision this sweet moment with their soon-to-be husband or wife. However, others are still on the fence. Today, I’m going to share 4 benefits of having a first look on your wedding day! 

My short answer for determining whether or not to have a first look is always: trust your gut. Timelines aside, if you know in your heart that you don’t want to have a First Look, there’s your answer! I assure you, we will make it work. We will bring your visions to life for your wedding day. And it will be perfect because it’ll be what you’ve always dreamed it would be. 

However, if you are on the fence, here’s 4 Benefits of Having a First Look on Your Wedding Day:


The biggest benefit I find when planning a First Look is timing. If your ceremony goes straight into cocktail hour, having a first look ensures that you get the best of everything! You can have your cake and eat it, too, so to speak. When a ceremony goes straight into cocktail hour, I plan the timeline so that the First Look, Bridal Party photos and family photos are all done before you walk down the aisle. That way, you get to mingle and enjoy during the rest of the evening. By the time the ceremony occurs, there aren’t any more “formal” photos that you have to plan on and can just party the night away! Plus, the food during cocktail hour is always amazing! Who would want to miss that?

Wedding Day First Look

A lil extra time with your soon-to-be spouse. 

There’s not a lot of time on your wedding day that you and your spouse get to be alone. This occurred to me a few weeks ago when I was planning a timeline for a dear couple of mine. We were trying to coordinate when we should take their husband and wife photos and it hit me: this is truly the only time you get to be alone on your wedding day. So if you want a few extra moments to squeeze your babe, consider having a First Look!

Wedding Day First Look
Benefits of a First Look

It’s a different kind of emotional moment.

 Many times, the biggest concern I hear from brides is that they want their significant other to cry when they walk down the aisle. You laugh, but it’s true! Don’t we all want an emotional reaction when we walk down the aisle? Of course! But truthfully, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed tears at the first look AND when the bride walks down the aisle. In all truth, it’s just different. That big moment when the bride walks down the aisle; that gives every single guest chills – including your soon-to-be spouse. Scout’s honor! The first look is just an altogether different kind of feeling. 

4 Benefits of Having a First Look

More time for photos.

Okay, so this may be a benefit for lil ol me but if photos of you and your spouse together are important to you, this allows you to get even more of them! I find that when we plan for a First Look, it allows us to have more time for photos of the couple together, rather than if we were to try and squeeze them in between the ceremony and reception. The First Look allows you to soak in those private moments with your significant other without feeling rushed. 

4 Benefits of Having a First Look

Whatever you choose, it’ll be perfect. Trust me.

Friends, whatever you choose, I know it is going to be perfect. Not because of a well-curated timeline or the stunning images we’ll capture. But because you get to marry your best friend. Everyone knows the wedding industry. But so often, I find that I’m in the marriage industry. I get so excited to support my sweet couples because they’re getting ready to start the best and biggest adventure of their lives together. And that’s always something to celebrate! 

I hope these 4 Benefits of Having a First Look has helped you make a decision for your wedding day! If you still have questions, be sure to head here to download my FREE Wedding Day Timeline Guide and take a look at the samples!

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