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Welcome to my journal where I’ll share stunning weddings of even more beautiful couples, endless travel adventures and sweet anecdotes about living with the love of my life. Pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and stay awhile. 

Hi, I'm francesca.


The story of Sarina and Dane may be one of my very favorites. You’ll see her on my blog a ton because she is my wonderful sister and Dane is her other half.

Sarina and Dane first met, probably when my sister was about 6 or 7 years old playing around with all of the neighborhood kids. Dane was actually friends with my brother first as they all played basketball in our driveway or football in his yard. Fast forward to when they were both older and wiser when Sarina’s best friend was getting married.  Dane was at the engagement celebration and they reconnected over party games and so much laughter. Being the man Dane is, he reacted to this connection and tried asking my sister out…3 times… until my sister finally said yes. There’s nothing like a good chase, right? Persistence is key, boys. 

Since then, the two have been inseparable and I couldn’t be more excited that they’ve just begun living together.

Dane is the Harry Potter to Sarina’s Hermione Granger and Sarina is the Allegra Cole to Dane’s Albert Brennaman. They balance each other perfectly and I was so happy to capture some portraits for their new apartment last weekend.

Though it may be a bit awkward and nerve-wracking at the beginning of any photography session, these two quickly fell into a groove that was both romantic and playful. I can’t wait to have some of these printed for them!



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