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What to Wear on an Engagement Session with FDP

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AH YAY! You just booked an engagement session with FDP! First step, check 🙂

I’m jumping for joy and doing my happy dance over here because I cannot WAIT to meet you and your fiancé. If you’re new around here, you’ll quickly learn that I do my happy dance…a lot. 

So join the party!

But something you may not know about me is that I have a hard time choosing outfits I’m in love with – so I wanted to break this down a bit to make sure you and your honey are feeling as confident as ever during our session!

You know that feeling when you’re shopping and try on that sparkly top or that flowy dress, look in the mirror and go…DAMN I look good. That’s how I want you to feel during our time together. This is your ENGAGEMENT session, for goodness sakes! Girls, how long have you dreamed of marrying your best friend? Soak in this moment of being their fiancé and don’t be afraid to get all dolled up! Remember, there’s no such thing as too dressed up.

Now Ladies..(yeah)..Ladies (yeah)… I think your fiancé will stick by me on this one when I say, let’s choose your outfit first.

Style Tips for Her

Softer, neutral colors show up FANTASTIC on camera. Most likely we’ll be photographing your session outdoors in the gorgeous, natural sunlight and this golden hour glow moves through neutral colors in such a way that highlights your beautiful features.

Don’t be afraid to shine, sparkle, add a touch of lace, or rock the long gowns during our session.


Also, here a couple quick tidbits of information on accessories…because we all love to add that pop to our outfits!

  • High heels elongate our legs and add a touch of class to any outfit!
  • Don’t forget to show off that stunning ring of yours with a fresh manicure 🙂
  • Floral bouquets, crowns, or even statement necklaces and earrings can add just a touch of excitement to the photos!
  • For colder temps, layer up with a cute pair of tights or pair a nice dress or skirt outfit with an adorable jacket!

Style Tips for Him

Now, onto your honey! Let’s aim for the 3 D’s – dapper, dashing and debonair.

For an engagement session, let’s try to leave the jeans at home! Dress it up with some nice pants that are well-tailored and striking, a button down shirt and even accessorize with a tie, suspenders or a sport coat and pocket square!

When selecting outfits for you and your babe’s engagement session its important to remember to find garments that compliment each other, rather than match perfectly. So let’s break down what that means.

Let’s say you decided to wear that beautiful spring green gown up top! Your fiancé might choose to wear a gray suit, ivory shirt and maybe even a light green tie or pocket square to tie the look all together! Or, for a more casual look, have your soon to be hubs, wear tan chino pants, a white collared shirt and layer it with a sweater! Check out these ideas down below!Secondary Option!

Now for one final tip – whatever you wear and however you accessorize, it is not nearly as important as the person standing by your side. Your love is the most beautiful thing you’ll bring with you during your engagement session and every day forward. I can’t wait to capture this special time for you and your fiancé.

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In love with the outfits above? Find them at the links below!

Outfit Inspo for Her

  1. Blush Ruffles
  2. Mint Lace Cocktail Dress
  3. Simple + Sophisticated in White 
  4. Top it Off with Lace
  5. Sequin Skirt FTW
  6. Tulle Skirts are a Woman’s Best Friend
  7. Spring Green Floor Length Gown
  8. Off the Shoulder Lace

Outfit Inspo for Your Man

Top outfit:

  1. White Shirt
  2. Suit #1
  3. Green Pocket Square
  4. Suit #2

Bottom outfit:

  1. White Shirt
  2. Gray Pullover Sweater
  3. Tan Chino Pants 

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