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Welcome to my journal where I’ll share stunning weddings of even more beautiful couples, endless travel adventures and sweet anecdotes about living with the love of my life. Pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and stay awhile. 

Hi, I'm francesca.


Eight years ago I met Frank DeMuro and within minutes of meeting him I knew 3 things:

  1. He is one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met.
  2. He can completely take over a room.
  3. I was hooked.


The class gathered to their seats at the normal time following the eighth period bell. If I remember correctly we had about an hour to ourselves before begrudgingly heading to Driver’s Ed. Sure, we all wanted to drive but we hated sitting in a classroom. Nobody wanted to learn about the statistics of teenagers in accidents. Nobody wanted to take written tests each week. And we certainly didn’t want to review over and over the appropriate hand placement on the steering wheel. How many times can someone say ten and two before you want to scream, “NINE AND THREE!” just to feel like a rebel?

When the teacher was nowhere to be seen, Frank and his friend took it upon themselves to conduct class that day. Chalkboard drawings, animated hand gestures and volunteers were all used during the making of this iconic class. I sat in the front row, the goodie two shoes that I was, and stared in disbelief while wiping my eyes from laughing so hard. How was it that I had grown up in this town for years and never saw this kid before?

Now you may be thinking that’s when we hit it off, but my nervous lil high school self completely friend zoned him and he reminds of that to. this. day.

Photos by: Abigail Renee Photography

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