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How to Plan the Engagement Session of your Dreams

Engagement Sessions

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engagement session at rye town beach, new york

Planning the Engagement Session of your Dreams in 3 Easy Steps

Engagement sessions can be nerve-wracking. 

Maybe you’re meeting your wedding photographer in person for the first time! Maybe you’re struggling with what to wear, how to style your hair, if your ring is shiny enough, how to pick out what your fiancé should wear, the list goes on. Maybe you’re nervous about weather and what to do if it rains. Or maybe you’re wondering, “But what should I do with my hands?!”

If you’re feeling any or all of the above, I’m here to tell you it’s okay. 

AND, I’m here to help! Here’s a few simple tips you can implement to plan the engagement session of your dreams!

1. When scheduling your engagement session, brainstorm activities you and your honey enjoy doing together. 

Maybe you love hiking together, or trying new cafes, checking out a wine bar, or walking along the beach with your pups! Maybe you love snuggling up at home, baking together, or touring a new city. 

Whatever it is, that makes you two the beautiful, amazing, sweet couple that you are – do that. 

The most authentic engagement sessions are created when I’m able to chat with my couples and find what makes them glow. I love getting an inside look into what they love doing together. How they bond, connect and grow together. When I’m able to place my couples in their favorite setting, it shows. It’s that simple. And, it takes away some of those belly-aching nerves because you’re already doing something you love to do! 

rye town beach engagement session with FDP
I absolutely loved capturing this dreamy engagement session at the Rye Town Beach
black and white, husband and wife, engagement session
bear mountain state park couples session
golden hour couples session in the fall season
This cozy session was inspired the Fall in the Hudson Valley. We loved heading to Bear Mountain State Park to grab these sweet shots!

2. Show up with an open mind

I know there are SO many questions and details swirling around your mind as your plan your dream wedding day. And rightfully so! There are tons of things to consider when scheduling your engagement session, some of which we chatted about earlier. 

But that’s why you chose your photographer. Remember why you chose them – trust that gut feeling you had when you first connected with them and know they’ll help you with all the details!

I love sending all my couples a Style Guide to help alleviate any concerns they have about what to wear and how to coordinate outfits with their fiancé. I also make sure to begin every session by acknowledging their nerves and any concerns they have going into our time together. And finally, I’ll tell you what to do with your hands! Not to worry! The biggest thing here is to show up with an open mind, ask your photographer all the questions you have, and trust that you made a great decision in choosing them. 

Fall Engagement Session

3. Bring on the love!

Okay friends, you made it to your engagement session! You and your fiancé selected your favorite date night spot, you’re rocking that feel-good dress with some bold lipstick and your nerves are starting to calm down. Now turn to your partner. Look in their eyes. 

There it is. The love of your life. 

All you have to do when you get to your session is be in love. Remember how you got here, to this moment. The months of dating and the years ahead of you. That’s what engagement sessions are for, friends. They’re to capture this moment in time of having a fiancé before becoming a new Mr. or Mrs.

hot chocolate cozy engagement session
bear mountain state park engagement

I love working with my crazy, adventurous, madly-in-love couples because they are just SO stinkin’ excited for their wedding day. More often than not, I hear my couples saying that they felt like they finally got a chance to relax together amidst all the craziness of wedding planning. I love being there to carve out that time for them and creating a space where they can just be together. 

That’s a wrap, friends! 

To check out a sneak peek of my Style Guide, head on over to this blog post!

Rye Town Park Engagement Session


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