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5 Tips for Photographing Proposals

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Welcome to my journal where I’ll share stunning weddings of even more beautiful couples, endless travel adventures and sweet anecdotes about living with the love of my life. Pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and stay awhile. 

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This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing FOUR different proposals – 2 of which were for my own siblings! (Anyone else think it’s ironic that both my brother and my sister got engaged the SAME year that I became a full time wedding photographer? Nope? Just me? 😂) 

Anyways, I have quickly come to find that I LOVE photographing proposals – the adrenaline…the excitement…AH it just makes my sappy heart burst with joy! 

For this post, I thought I’d round up 5 tips for photographing proposals that I’ve learned this year. 

1. Walkthrough the Proposal Plan 

This is HUGE! If you have time, schedule a walkthrough, or at the very least, a call to chat through the game plan with the groom-to-be! It’s so great to be able to walkthrough the location ahead of time with the future groom! It allows time for each of you to ask questions, know where you’re both going to stand, and helps to get rid of some of those pre-proposal jitters! 

2. Arrive Early 

This may seem like a no-brainer but I always try to give myself even MORE time when photographing proposals. A big goal I have when photographing a proposal is to do my part to alleviate any stress on the groom-to-be. Starting with the walkthrough and then ensuring that I arrive with plenty of time to spare on the day of the engagement. The future groom shouldn’t have to be worrying about where the photographer is or if I’m late – he should be fully and completely in the moment. He should be focusing on the love of his life and creating the most perfect moment the two of them. 

3. Blend In 

This one kind of makes me feel like a ninja 😎 When I capture a proposal in a public place, I try to conceal my camera in a large purse or bag that won’t seem outwardly obvious. My favorite go-to is the Lyra backpack from Kamrette. It’s super stylish! This seems like such a minor detail but I’m a sucker for surprises and always ready to pretend I’m 007. 

4. Positioning 

My main positioning tactic when photographing proposals is to remain hidden until the groom drops to his knee. I definitely recommend chatting through this with the groom on your walkthrough so that both of you are aware of each other’s location. At that point, his beautiful fiancé will be so enveloped in the moment that she won’t notice the lady off to the side with the camera. And when she does eventually notice, she’ll be even happier that it was caught on camera! She’ll be able to relive that moment over and over again. 

5. Connection

I know I’m writing this as the fifth tip, but this is really at the top of my mind at all times. For me, photographing proposals is unlike capturing any other experience. Proposals are such intimate moments – they’re surged with excitement and pure, raw emotion. It’s a new beginning in a couple’s life together – a story they’ll share with their kids and grandkids. The promise of that legacy is always what urges me on. 

Before I leave any proposal, I’m super intentional about showering the happy couple with blessings. Amidst all the excitement, I make sure that they’ve gotten all the photos they want from that moment – especially if there are family members and friends around, too! And finally, I’m always conscientious about timing. Once the proposal is captured and I’ve snapped all of their must-have shots, I’m careful not to linger. For me, it’s important that capturing the proposal is a seamless integration of the entire celebration. So once the photos are wrapped, I’m outta there so the future Mr. And Mrs. can party the night away 🥂

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 tips for photographing proposals! Take a quick peek at some of the proposals from this year below!

Bear Mountain State Park Proposal

Bear Mountain State Park Proposal
Proposal Photography
Summertime at Bear Mountain State Park
Bride and Groom walking in the park

Roosevelt Island Four Freedoms Park Proposal

Roosevelt Island Proposal in New York City
Roosevelt Island Proposal in New York City
Roosevelt Island Proposal in New York City
Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Studded Band

Stone Barns Proposal

Summertime Proposal at Stone Barns
Proposal Photography at Stone Barns in Pleasantville, New York
friends celebrating an engagement proposal
Stone Barns engagement proposal
I got to capture this sweet proposal for a dear friend of mine over at
Kristina Staal Photography

Cecconi’s Brooklyn Proposal

Brooklyn, New York Restaurant Proposal
proposal at Cecconi's in DUMBO
Manhattan Bridge Brooklyn Proposal

After the proposal, comes the engagement session! Head on over here to read about how to plan the engagement session of your dreams!

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