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Getting Through the Coronavirus One At Home Date at a Time

We’re in the midst of some unprecedented times over here! The coronavirus has us all working from home and finding a new normal for the next few months. However, this new normal doesn’t have to eliminate date nights with your babe! I’ve put together a list of at home date ideas that I hope you enjoy!

1. Movie Night

Support a local restaurant by ordering takeout! Pick it up curbside or take advantage of their delivery services and then head home to pick out a movie! I’ve been taking advantage of catching up on all my Netflix shows and even started watching some movies on Disney+. Grab tons of blankets, a bottle of wine, and cuddle up on the couch with your babe!  

2. Cooking

Try out a new recipe and cook together! We may be limited as to what fresh ingredients we have access to, but there are tons of fun recipes online! Use the next few weeks to try out a bunch of recipes and you can even put together your own cook book of your favorites! Or try using these printable recipe cards from Etsy

3. Workout

Get that body moving!! I know all the gyms and workout studios have been closed by mandate, but there are still a ton of great ways to get your workout in! Head outside for a walk or jog around your block! Or check out some of these awesome YouTube tutorials to break up the routine a bit. Doing them with your partner is sure fire way to get that workout in and get that laughter out!! For yoga, I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about Yoga with Adrienne. Or try POPSUGAR Fitness videos – This 30 minute hip hop video looks SO fun for you and your boo thang! 

4. Board Games

Guys I’m an old soul at heart and I live for slow days full of sitting around the kitchen table playing board games in my PJs! Monopoly, Balderdash, Pictionary – bring ‘em all out! 

5. Make a Bucket List

As crazy as these times are, they’re all temporary. Make a Post- COVID 19 bucket list! What are some things you and your honey are craving that can’t be done right now? Make a list, and once the quarantine is over and the coronavirus has passed, get cracking on that list! 

6. Visioncast

Take all of this alone time to think through your intentionality and what you want from your life. Chat with your partner and talk about everything they want to accomplish in life. What are your goals together? What are your individual goals? How can you support each other through all of them? Start game planning. How can you begin to put these goals into action? What is the first step each of you need to do? Whether they’re goals in your relationship, with your family, with your career, with your financials – write them ALLL down. And I mean ALL of them! “A goal is a dream with it’s work boots on,” (Rachel Hollis) so get those work boots on and start making moves! 

7. Make a Firepit

It’s starting to get a little warmer outside these days! Pick a night to bundle up and sit by a fire outside! Stock up on marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to get this party really started! 

Friends! There are TONS of ways to get through COVID-19 with your honey by your side. I SO hope you enjoy all of these at-home date ideas! Keep your head up and just keep supporting each other. These times aren’t easy, but they are manageable and we can get through them together. If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me a note by heading on over to my contact page!

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