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My Top 5 Work From Home Tips


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Welcome to my journal where I’ll share stunning weddings of even more beautiful couples, endless travel adventures and sweet anecdotes about living with the love of my life. Pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and stay awhile. 

Hi, I'm francesca.


Oh hello, all my work from home friends!! These past few months, weeks, years(?) have been tough on all of us! COVID-19 has reshaped everything about the way we work, interact and live our daily lives. It feels as if all the days are blending together and it’s hard to know when things are going to go back to “normal” again. And when they do, what our new normal will look like. We’re adjusting everyday but I thought I’d do my part and provide you with some work from home tips! 

I remember when I first started FDP, working from home was a big adjustment for me! I had been commuting to New York City for 2 years prior to that and suddenly, I only needed to make the 6 steps from my bedroom to an office space. So long were the days of cubicles, coworkers and the buzz of the city around me! I didn’t know where to start! 

My hope is that these five work from home tips will help to propel you in an uplifting way and re-energize the way you’re approaching each day. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 


I talked about this on my IGTV a couple weeks ago but creating a schedule is HUGE! It’s so easy to just let the day unfold without any clear direction when you’re working from home. But creating a schedule for yourself will help you to stay on task with your goals! 

One tool that helps me a lot is Google Calendar because I can time block my calendar in, of course, a cute color-coded way! I use it alllll the time! 

Another unique way to create your schedule is to think of your ideal work day. Do you wake up with the sun? Do you read before you get to work? Do you sneak in a work out? Are you more of a night owl? When you idealize your perfect work day, how does it go? Now, how can you turn that ideal work day into your every day? Base your schedule off of this ideal day and incorporate routines that will get ya there!


Oh friends, I love a pajama day as much as the next girl but every day can’t be a day to lounge around. Getting up, washing our faces, taking a shower and GETTING DRESSED is so important! I know it’s frustrating that we aren’t going to be hanging out with our friends in person or getting out of the house much, but getting dressed will make you FEEL that much better. Scout’s honor! 


Couches and beds are MADE for lounging. They’re just asking you to login to Netflix and pop on your fave show. Pair that with the cozy blanket on the end of your bed, and your afternoon is a goner! Working from home is tough because there are so many “homey” things around us that can pull our attention. Instead, work from a desk or table – it’ll help you with your posture AND keep ya focused!


When you go to your office, you’re given a lunch break, right? At home, be sure to do the same! I find that when I’m on a roll, I often forget about lunch until my tummy is grumbling and its 3:00! Remember when I said to make a schedule over on tip #1? WELL, schedule in some lunch time, friend! It’s so important to take breaks, eat, stretch, walk around. And when I say breaks, I don’t mean scroll on Instagram for twenty minutes and then stare at your blank computer screen again. Take intentional breaks. Set a timer and do some stretches or have a glass of water. Then, return back to your desk feeling energized to take on the next few hours. 


One of the hardest parts of working from home is being intentional with our time. Before you wrap up your work day, make a “to do” list for the following day. This is a great way to list off any tasks you didn’t get to today but want to make sure you tackle first thing tomorrow. It gives us a sense of purpose entering into our next work day. 

Now that we talked about some work from home tips, I wanna throw ONE last piece of advice at ya. Take the time to remember your favorite parts of working from home, all the good, all the pros. Here’s a little help to get ya started: 

  • Flexibility – make the schedule that works for YOU! 
  • Quality time with your fam/partner/loved ones – that means extra cuddles, extra kisses, extra love 
  • Convenience – You can literally work from anywhere
  • ZERO Commute – save that gas money!! 

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