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Welcome to my journal where I’ll share stunning weddings of even more beautiful couples, endless travel adventures and sweet anecdotes about living with the love of my life. Pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and stay awhile. 

Hi, I'm francesca.


Okay friends, here it is! Our Proposal Story!! You guys have been SO sweet over on the ‘gram and so many of you have asked about how Frank proposed (it still feels like a dream!!) 

Leading Up to the Big Day!! 

After Frank talked to my parents and asked for their blessing, Frank and his dad went down to a jeweler in the city to pick out my ring! The best part about this? He went to the SAME jeweler that my dad went to when he picked out an engagement ring for my mom 34 years ago! It didn’t hit me until a few days after when I realized how special this was. Not only did this jeweler help to pick out my mom’s engagement ring, but he helped my brother when he proposed to his fiancé and now, he worked with Frank, too! 

The week of the engagement, Frank and I had some friends over for the 4th of July at my house and I had asked him how he wanted to spend the following day. In typical Frank fashion, he simply asked me if I wanted to take a drive into Connecticut with him to check out some real estate. And guys, this should have been the part that threw me off! But ironically enough, this is totally normal for Frank and I. We love to talk real estate and dream about where we want to live one day. Even if it’s not a place for us, we often just drive around towns commenting on the houses and sharing what we love and don’t love about each. So when Frank asked if I wanted to take a drive with him, of course I said yes!

The Day Of

July 5, 2020

That morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn for a stunning sunrise maternity session in Tarrytown! After that, I headed to the hair salon because I scheduled a hair trial for my sister’s wedding! My sister got married this past weekend and I wanted to figure out just how I wanted to do my hair for her big day! Frank seriously couldn’t have picked a better day if he tried! So off I went to get all dolled up, unknowing that I was going to be in tons of pictures that day 🙈 When I got home from my hair trial, I was in such an amazing mood – I mean, what girl wouldn’t be in a great mood after getting her hair done? Sending a huge thank you to the girls over at Haven Hair Salon in Mohegan Lake for making me feel like a queen that day! 

When I got home, I changed into a cute dress and got ready to drive around Connecticut! I figured we’d stop around some houses, have a cute lunch in town and then make our way back home but boy, was I wrong! 

Frank drove over to my house and my heart skipped a beat when he came by to pick me up. Guys – it’s the middle of July and this boy showed up to my house in long jeans – something was up but dang he looked good 😉 so I didn’t even question it! We got into the car and I started blasting one of my fave playlists. Looking back, he was probably grateful for this cause it meant I’d be singing my heart out the whole way down and he wouldn’t have to try to make conversation on the drive 😂 

This playlist has so many of my favorite oldie but goodie carefree songs on it from Otis Redding to Whitney Houston to Al Green. To listen along with me, check it out on my Spotify

The Proposal 

When we got into Connecticut, he veered off towards Cos Cob. I remember asking him if he had a specific area that he wanted to check out. I’m pretty sure he gave me a vague answer before turning into Cos Cob park. When we first pulled into the parking lot, I saw a soccer field. Little naive me was like, “oh my gosh should I have brought cleats?” Uhh…c’mon Francesca!! 

But then, as he turned the corner of the parking lot, the park opened up to show BEAUTIFUL waterfront views of Greenwich. It was breathtaking.

He walked me to the overlook and I could feel him tensing up. (We joke now because I had my hands on my hips for the first few minutes we were standing there because I got nervous! I never stand like that, you guys! But I noticed him tense up, which made me nervous too!) 🙈

Greenwich Connecticut Proposal

But anyways, he starts talking about the gorgeous house off into the distance, so I turn my focus in that direction. 

And then, he taps me. 

Greenwich Connecticut Proposal

And I turn around to see him kneeling there and my first thought was, 

“Are you kidding me?!” 😂 

I was so thrown off guard – in the BEST way. 

– I’ve photographed a few proposals in the past few years and I always hear brides say that they “black out” when they see the love of their life kneeling before them. And now I truly know what they mean! I just stood there staring at him, trying to take this all in. –

It was simply perfect. 

And then, a few moments later, all I heard was the sound of a camera shutter! I stopped hugging Frank long enough to ask “uhh who’s that?!” And he goes, “oh don’t worry about it, I just hired one of your friends.”

I turned around to see none other than Mindy Briar with tears running down her own cheeks as she captured our love! 

Gallery Preview

You guys, even as I’m typing this, I don’t have the words to explain how I felt that moment, that day. Thinking back, I fell in love with Frank the first moment I laid eyes on him in Driver’s Ed. I didn’t know it then, but my life was forever changed that day. And each day with him just gets better and better. I am so excited to marry my best friend. So before I continue to ramble even more, here are some of my FAVORITE images from that day. 

Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
Greenwich Connecticut Proposal
our proposal
our proposal
our proposal

Thanks for encouraging me to share our story, friends! 

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